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2007 October 12
tags: cfeclipse
by Paul Marcotte
For a web developer, I can be a real luddite. Until now, I haven't used snippets. There's no real reason for not trying them, I'm just too focused on my half-baked projects to see that I can be more productive by adding simple new tool to my arsenal. So in the interest of broadening my horizons, I created an account, upgraded cfeclipse and registered the public SnipEx server. I had a little headache with eclipse errors related to having 2 versions of cfeclipse installed (this is where I get the luddism from), but after disabling and uninstalling the older version, I was error free, connected and browsing the snippet categories. That's the kind of instant gratification I like! Oh yeah, and there's a contest running with some excellent prizes. For more details, hit the banner below.