JSLint AIR Edition now on RIAForge!

2007 October 01
tags: AIR · Javascript
by Paul Marcotte
Hot on the heels for Adobe AIR Beta 2 release, JSLint AIR Edition makes its Beta 2 debut on RIAForge. Version 0.5 introduces a few new features and one bug fix: NEW: Right click on a .js file to open it from the context menu using "Open with ->". NEW: HTML code is escaped in the listing view. NEW: The name of the currently open file will appear in the first tab. FIXED: code in listing view stays aligned with line numbers when lines are longer than the listing view pane. There is one known issue with this release with regard to the content not resizing when the app is maximized. This is related to porting a Beta 1 app to the new Beta 2 security model for HTML/Javascript AIR applications. I'll write something on my experiences in a (hopefully near) future post.