Metro 0.3 Released

2009 January 04
tags: Metro
by Paul Marcotte

The latest version of Metro is now available on RIAForge. Here's the skinny on what has changed.

  1. Added an audit package
    I've been using a Transfer AfterCreate and AfterUpdate observer to track changed to Transfer objects that I wish to track. Since this has become a common part of some of the apps I'm building, I decided to include it in Metro.
  2. Updated the core Service and Gateway to add getByProperty() support
    I ran into a use case for this on a new project and decided to add it to simplify things.
  3. Fixed a bug in core Decorator related to validation rule creation
    This update fixes a problem created when no min and max arguments are passed to addRule().
  4. Updated the security package to add "Active" attribute to User
    Another use case addition. In order to provide a little more security to user registration, I added and Active flag to the User object.