Still Running ColdFusion 8 Beta? Here's How To Find Out...

2008 January 18
tags: ColdFusion
by Paul Marcotte
When the Coldfusion 8 Beta came out, I jumped at the chance to install. The beta release had a few issues, but nothing that I ran into until I tested out multi-threading for MachII 1.6. After a bit of back and forth with the MachII team, I finally realized that I was running the beta and not the final release. If you are running into issues with any ColdFusion OSS and you think it's time to open a ticket. When you're getting the house-cleaning done (listing your OS and the version for CF, Java, etc.), double check the ColdFusion Version. ColdFusion 8 Beta: 8,0,0,171647 ColdFusion 8 Final: 8,0,0,176276 Another clue that will tip you off for running the beta is if ColdFusion will not re-start after installing either hotfix 1 or 2 for CF8.